Turtle Mountain Bible Camp Marks 72nd Summer Ministry with Exciting Celebration

Experience the Joy at Turtle Mountain Bible Camp as it Completes its 72nd Summer Ministry with Over 600 Campers and Nearly 200 Volunteers!

On September 8th, Turtle Mountain Bible Camp (TMBC) hosted a remarkable celebration commemorating the successful conclusion of its 72nd summer camping ministry. With the involvement of more than 600 enthusiastic campers and nearly 200 dedicated volunteers from the region, the event was a testament to TMBC’s impact on countless lives. Amidst the joyous atmosphere, Howard Weir, the camp director, expressed his excitement for the future as they prepare to move into a new facility for summer 2020.

Reflecting on a Legacy: Farewell to the Old Dining Hall and Chapel

On the momentous Sunday, Sept 8th, a decommissioning service was held, bidding farewell to the beloved old dining hall and chapel, which are set to be demolished by the end of the month. These walls have witnessed the laughter, heartfelt conversations, skits, worship, messages, and life-changing stories of countless individuals whose lives were transformed at TMBC. It was a time to cherish the past and embrace the possibilities that the new building will offer to future generations.

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Incredible Testimonies and Heartfelt Connections

The event witnessed a gathering of approximately 250 people who experienced perfect weather—a “gift from God” after several rainy and cooler days. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the new facility, reconnect with old friends from decades ago, and share memorable stories. Guest speakers Dave Holland and Danny Groening, both with rich TMBC histories, inspired the crowd with their heartfelt words. Brittany Reimer’s touching God story, accompanied by hymns led by Larry Thiessen and Esther McAuley, added to the emotional depth of the celebration. The program, which included former summer staff leading camp songs, evoked a strong sense of community and belonging.

A Community United: Investing in the Future of TMBC

The generosity of attendees was overwhelming, with an offering exceeding $47,000 contributed toward the ambitious goal of $350,000 required to complete and occupy the new facility by the summer of 2020. Friday’s Farmers Market fundraiser in Boissevain also raised $850 for the cause. Over 1,600 individuals, churches, and companies have actively contributed to this building project, a testament to the deep sense of ownership and commitment to TMBC’s mission. As they march forward with unwavering faith, the board is resolute in trusting God to provide the remaining funds needed for occupancy next spring.

Embracing Faith and Obedience in Uncertain Times

The decision to remove the old building was not taken lightly, symbolizing a resolute commitment to the future. With every step forward, TMBC continues to exhibit a steadfast belief in God’s providence and a willingness to embrace the challenges that come with obedience to Christ. Just as God’s people throughout history were called to undertake seemingly insurmountable tasks, TMBC remains committed to trusting God’s guidance and stepping forward in faith.

A Journey Fueled by Miracles and Generosity

The forthcoming weeks are packed with activity as the team prepares for the big move into the new building next spring. Local volunteers, along with individuals from Brandon, Winkler, and Minnesota, have been instrumental in supporting this monumental undertaking. Additionally, a local farmer’s generous offer to assist with the demolition and cleanup underscores the widespread support that TMBC enjoys.

Anticipating a Bright Future

As TMBC continues its extraordinary journey, it stands as a testament to God’s abundant blessings and the dedication of its community. From unexpected donations to heartfelt testimonies, the path ahead is filled with hope and excitement. Witnessing miracles and answers to prayers has been an integral part of the camp’s story, and the future promises to unfold yet another captivating chapter in the timeless narrative of TMBC. Together, they move forward, knowing that with God, all things are possible.