The Strain Family’s Memorable Moments at the World Percheron Congress

The World Percheron Congress, an event of grand stature that began in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, England, in 1978, was attended in October 2018 by the Strain family, owners of the famed Silver Hills/Lightning Strike Percherons, from Boissevain. The gathering, cherished and remembered fondly by Spud and Sharon Strain, showcases the elegant Percheron breed. Brandon had the honour of hosting this internationally recognized event back in 2004.

At this event, “Over 600 Percheron horses from across North America graced the show, with entries from the USA and Canada. Our children, Dillon and Madison, proudly presented their horses in line and hitch classes, earning numerous prestigious ribbons. The competition was intense, with some classes witnessing more than twenty entries!” shared Sharon.

Accomplishments and Adventures at the World Percheron Congress

Dillon achieved notable positions, securing 2nd place in the Cart class and 4th in Halter, while Madison had an impressive showing in the 15-18 English Pleasure Class and gained recognition in the Decorating and Showmanship classes.

Sharon recounted, “Madison rode her horse with great pride, carrying the Canadian flag during the opening ceremonies each evening. She even ventured into barrel racing on a Percheron for the first time, and secured a spot in the final day’s competition.”

World Percheron Congress

The Emotional Journey at the World Percheron Congress

The Strain family’s participation extended beyond just competition. “The ‘Drive for the Cure’ event was particularly special for us, as I am a 16-year breast cancer survivor. Seeing my children participate in this event was incredibly meaningful,” added Sharon.

Their journey through the week was filled with unique experiences and budding friendships, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

A Glimpse into the World Percheron Congress 2019

Moving forward to the next year, the World Percheron Congress 2019 continued its tradition of showcasing the elegance of the Percheron breed. Held at an equally impressive venue, it brought together Percheron enthusiasts from across the globe. The Strain family, keeping their zeal alive, once again graced the event with their presence.

The 2019 congress saw a tremendous turnout, exceeding the previous year’s participation. Percheron horses, in their exquisite majesty, galloped and paraded, while spectators watched in awe. The atmosphere was electrifying, with a shared passion for Percherons resonating among attendees.

World Percheron Congress 2019 Results and Highlights

While the Congress is an immersive celebration of the breed, the competitive events remain a significant highlight, with participants striving for excellence in various classes. The results of the 2019 congress reflected the intense preparation and unwavering passion of the participants.

The Strain family, a significant part of the event, brought home more coveted ribbons. Dillon excelled in the Cart and Halter classes, while Madison, matching her brother’s fervor, earned her stripes in the English Pleasure, Decorating, and Showmanship classes.

The Strains are eagerly awaiting the next World Percheron Congress, set to take place in Brandon in 2022.

Fun Fact: Madison and Dillon are the grandchildren of Merla Hainsworth.