Deloraine Skate Club hosts Regionals

  The Doc Bonar Arena was abuzz with activity February 3 and 4 as the Deloraine Skate Club hosted the 2017 Skate Canada Manitoba North & South Westman Regionals STARSkate Competition. An event of this magnitude requires a great deal of planning.  Julie Corkish, Competition Chair, thanked the many volunteers, skating board and skating parents for their assistance. The Competition Committee included Julie, Sarah Lehman, Teresa Nestibo, Tammy Perriman, Sonja McGee, and Nicole Hooper.

  Friday’s program ran from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. and included Star 1 and 2 competitions. Saturday’s program was divided into morning and afternoon sessions and included Star 3 – Star 9 Free, Elements, Interpretive, Short Program, Teams and Spins.

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 An Opening Ceremony was held at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. Julie brought greetings from the Deloraine Skate Club to all the skaters, coaches, parents, officials and spectators.

  “Good luck to the skaters. We know how much time, effort and dedication you have committed to preparing for this moment. This weekend will be an opportunity for each of you to showcase your talent and hard work. We also want to thank the coaches who have dedicated their time to teach their skaters. To the parents, grandparents and community supporters, providing financial and oral support to our athletes,” said Corkish.

  Donna Yee, Chairman of Skate Canada Manitoba, also brought greetings.  “Thank you to the Deloraine Skate Club, competition chair, Julie Corkish and her team of volunteers for hosting the event for the South Region this year. We all know volunteers are few and far between and it is a large commitment for any of our clubs to host,” she said.

  Gord Weidenhamer brought greetings from the Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester commenting “Welcome and thank you for coming. We are very pleased to have this event in our town. I know Deloraine Skate Club has worked hard to make it all possible. Have fun!”

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Following are the day’s results:

Deloraine Skate Club

• Sydnie Corkish:  STAR5 Elements - 5th; STAR5 Freeskate - Gold Medal

• Tori Maxwell: STAR5 Elements - Bronze medal; STAR5 Freeskate - Silver Medal; STAR 5 Spins - Bronze rating; STAR 5 Team - Gold Rating

• Kenzie Edwards: STAR4 Elements - Bronze Medal; STAR4 Freeskate - Silver Medal; STAR 4 Spins - Bronze Ribbon; STAR 3/4 Team - Gold Rating.

• Hilary Kelm: STAR3 Freeskate -  5th; STAR3 Elements - Bronze rating; STAR3 Spins — Gold Rating.

• Ashley Temple: STAR2 Freeskate – Silver; Elements – Silver; Creative Improv - Bronze; Spins – Bronze; Team- Silver.

• Madison McGee: STAR2 Elements - Bronze Rating; STAR2 Freeskate - Bronze Rating; STAR2 Spins - Bronze Rating; STAR 2 Team - Silver Rating.

•Kelsey McGee: STAR1 Freeskate - Bronze Rating

• Jordyn Schultz: STAR1 Freeskate - Silver Rating.

Waskada Skating Club

• Makenna Coleman: STAR3 Freeskate - Gold; STAR 3 Team - Gold; STAR3 Elements - Silver; STAR3 Spins - Bronze.

• Charlie Lee: STAR4 Team - Gold; STAR4 Elements & Spins - Silver; STAR4 Freeskate - 4th.

• Dylan Radcliffe STAR1 Freeskate - Silver

• Townsly McMillan: STAR1 Freeskate - Silver

• Dayna Reid: STAR 1 Free Skate - Gold.

Melita Skating Club

• Logan Tilbury: STAR8 Team - Gold; STAR8 Elements - Gold; STAR8 Spins - Silver; STAR8 Freeskate —  6th.

• Rienna Skelton: STAR8 Team - Gold; STAR8 Elements - Gold; STAR8 Spins - Silver; STAR8 Freeskate - 4th.

• Haven Morrison: STAR4 Freeskate - 4th; STAR4 Elements - 4th; STAR4 Team - Gold; STAR4 Spins - Bronze.

Renee Bodin: STAR4 Team – Gold; STAR4 Spins – Bronze; STAR4 Freeskate – 5th; STAR4 Element – 5th.

•Elizabeth Greig: STAR3 Team – Gold; STAR3 Spins, Elements and Freeskate – Bronze.

Lily Wray: STAR3 Team – Gold; STAR3 Spins, Elements and Freeskate – Bronze; Creative Improv – Bronze.

• Piper Reid: Star3 Team – Gold; Creative Improv – Silver; STAR3 Freeskate – Silver; STAR3 Spins and Elements – Bronze.

• Vienna Fallis: STAR1 Freeskate – Gold.

• Page Murray: STAR1 Freeskate- Gold.

• Seoul Tilokani: STAR1 Freeskate – Gold; STAR2 Spins – Silver.

• Paris Fallis: STAR2 Freeskate, Spins, Elements and Team – Silver.

• Makala Duthie: STAR2 Freeskate and Team – Silver.

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