Dand 4-H Club holds Communications Night

  It’s that time of year - for 4-H Communication programs. Dand 4-H Club held its Communications Night on Sunday, February 12, at the Harvest Community Church. Senior member Madison Day was the emcee. She invited everyone to stand and recite the 4-H Pledge.

Cloverbud Speeches

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  Teagan Maddesspresented her speech My Birthday. She touched on all the highlights of spending her birthday at the Victoria Inn for her birthday/Christmas celebrations. The biggest highlight may have been getting her ears pierced and the bonus of staying an extra night because of the stormy weather.

  Jordyn Schultzpresented her speech about her dog, Maia. Maia is a Great Dane that came from a litter of 11. Most Great Dane’s eye colour changes but Maia’s have stayed blue. Her favourite toy is a moose and her favourite treat is a carrot. Most of all Jordyn loves Maia because she is cuddly.

  Juliana Nestibo’sspeech was entitled I Think My Dog is a Goose. When the geese start to migrate Juliana’s dog Cooper starts to migrate as well. First to the garage, then the porch, then various places in the house, then to kids’ bedroom doors and finally the migration is complete when Cooper gets on the bed. Of course, Cooper had a bit of help from Juliana and her brother as far as opening doors and sneaking the dog into the house, against Mom and Dad’s better judgement. There’s no doubt that when spring comes, Cooper will be migrating back outside.

  Kelsey McGeealso spoke about her pet dog. Her speech was called Ruby, the Red Dog, an Australian Kelpie. “When we went to see the litter, I fell in love with Ruby right away. We had a family vote to name her and we came up with Ruby. I still love her even though she chews everything even my stuffed animals.”

Cloverbud  One Person Visual

  Bella Lehman presented her One Person Visual about her gymnastics  in theTurtle Mountain Twisters. Bella explained the various elements and what skills are required for each one in competitions. She recently competed at a meet and came home with a bronze medal. Bella was wearing her gymnastics outfit and she demonstrated a special pose she does at the end of her performance.

Junior Speeches

  The Middle Childwas the subject of Charlie Artz’s speech. “I have issues. There is a whole room full of thousands of pictures of my older brother. I am not the oldest, not the youngest and to top it off, the only girl.” Charlie used humour very effectively in her speech.

  Sebastian Dayhad prepared his Junior speech - 5 Reasons That Video Games May Be Good For You – but unfortunately he was ill that night.

Intermediate Speeches

  Nolan Nestibowrote his speech about “Sam”, an exchange student from Colombia, through Study Manitoba. Nolan described Sam as athletic and an organic eater who loved to sing and talk - even more than his dad! “I like to call Sam my brother from another mother.” Sam really wanted to see snow and his wish came true just a few days before he had to go back home. He loved the snow so much they stayed out and played in it until midnight.

  Isobelle Hobbs’speech was called “Sorry” - all about the millions of germs that lurk about everywhere. What about that 5-second rule when you drop something on the floor? Well, if it’s dry, it’s probably okay to still eat, but if it’s wet, it can pick up a great deal more bacteria. Other items/areas that carry many germs are make up samples in the stores, equipment used in hair and nail salons, if not cleaned properly, condiments and menus in restaurants, sponges/cloths, unwrapped mints/candies and one of the worst offenders - the toothbrush that is left out and not covered in the bathroom. Isobelle concluded, “If I have left you scared to do just about anything, I’m Sorry.”

 “Liar, Liar Pants on Fire”was the name of Randi Day’s speech. Little white lies are the most commonly used lies. Exaggerations are another common form of a lie and these lies can be very funny. Example of a commonly used exaggeration could be “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse” or “I’ve told you a thousand times”. There are ‘tells’ to recognize when someone is lying - lip biting, lack or too much eye contact, looking up, etc.

  Peyton Leforte’s speech was entitled “Animal Cruelty”. What would you do if you witnessed animal cruelty? Would you try to stop it or not know what to do? Teenagers have been found to be the most common abusers of animals. There are also passive and active abusers. Animal cruelty is a worldwide problem and is very serious. In conclusion Peyton said, “Species extinction is actually caused by humans”.

  “When My Brother Left For College”was the title of Miranda Adams’ speech. “Finally the day came – the one we had talked about for such a long time. My brother was going to college and I was going to have the house all to myself – no one to boss me around”. So, we took him to Vermilion and when it was time to go I said my goodbyes and was ready to get going. Well, there was a lot of hugging and crying and I thought what’s the big deal? Then we got home and Mom said Miranda can you do this, Miranda can you do that? I realized I would have to do everything now and that was when I realized I guess it wasn’t so bad having my brother around after all.”

Senior Speeches

  Jillian Crowespoke about “Our World’s Epidemic” which is obesity and how large food companies are at fault. These companies produce goods with lots of sugar/fats that taste great with little or not nutritional value, and they cost less to make and buy. The consumer naturally tries to make financially sound decisions when buying groceries and the fact is people will buy cheaper products. The food companies can keep their prices below that of the fresh produce, keeping this unhealthy circle going. Coca Cola sponsors lunches in some third-world nations, the problem being the massive amounts of sugar their product contains. “If Coca Cola really cared, they have the power to ship plain water and they could be part of the solution.” The bottom line is it is still more expensive to grow and market nutritional food.

  Kelly Temple’sspeech was all about her trip to “Greece”. She was thrilled to visit a country with such a rich history. Kelly gave highlights about Athens, the Acropolis, Parthenon, the National Garden, Little Venice and Delphi – which is considered the centre of the earth by many. A visit to the island Mykonos was a special highlight – with its beautiful beaches and water.

  “The Fault in Our Education System”was presented by Madison Day. As an artsy person, Madi has fought for Art class in school. “It’s good up to Grade 6 but not much after that. I realize it is not the fault of Deloraine School - funding is according to enrolment numbers. But this is not even the biggest problem in school. Everyone learns differently. It would be great if schools could adopt a method whereby there are two teachers - each presenting in a different manner”.

  Luke Weidenhamer’sspeech was entitled “Go with 4-H”. He spoke about the many travelling opportunities offered in the 4-H program including the Canada 4-H Citizenship Congress where he learned how we work together as a country. The highlight of the trip was meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He believes strongly in youth. Luke was a delegate to the National 4-H Conference in Toronto, making him the third generation of his family to attend this event - his grandpa David Day and his mom Cathey Day being the others. Luke is currently waiting to hear if he’s been selected to attend the 4-H Global Network Summit, which is a highly respected youth organization in Canada. In conclusion he said “Learn to do by doing will help you achieve great success throughout your life.”

Intermediate Two-Person Visual

  Brothers Kyle and Justin Breemersch presented “Meanwhile. . .Back at the Ranch” about the TV series Heartland. “We don’t know about all of you but on Sunday evenings at our house we just have to tune into Heartland, the family TV drama on CBC.” The series started in 2007 and is especially popular with horse lovers but the fan base keeps growing with people of all interests. The storyline started to be about helping abused and wild horses learning to trust humans. It seems many of the problems horses have are similar to those of human beings and all it takes is affection and trust to get back on track. The show has something special - real problems we can all relate to. As the show’s motto goes – “Healing Horses – Healing Hearts”.

  The judges for the evening were Richard Sexton, Lexi Billeck, Darcia Raes, and Jon Whetter. Following all the speeches, they had the difficult task of choosing 1st and 2nd place. Refreshments were served in the lunchroom while the judges deliberated.

Cloverbud Speeches

1st Juliana Nestibo

2nd Kelsey McGee

Cloverbud Visual

1st Bella Lehman

Junior Speeches

1st Charlie Artz

Intermediate Speeches

1st Isobelle Hobbs

2nd Nolan Nestibo

Alternate: Randi Day

Intermediate Two-Person Visual

1st Kyle & Justin Breemersch

Senior Speeches

1st Kelly Temple

2nd Luke Weidenhamer

Alternate: Jillian Crowe




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