Bell enjoys Nations Cup

Bell enjoys Nation’s Cup Experience

By Judy Wells

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   Ashton Bell has had several ‘big’ hockey experiences to date, but getting the news that she had made the roster for the National Development Team was still a huge thrill. The team recently competed in the Nation’s Cup in Germany.

  “There are so many great female hockey players in Canada so to be chosen as one of those players is truly an honor. It will continue to get more difficult so I know that if I want to continue to get the invites at his level, I will have to be in great shape and stay at the top of my game,” she said.

  Bell said the Nation’s Cup was a great experience! She acknowledges the great honour it is to be a part of a team made up of such gifted athletes. “I have played with many of them and have established great friendships that I know will last a lifetime.”

  It’s not all about hockey for athletes playing in international tournaments. Sightseeing is a must. “Germany is so beautiful and I was able to spend a bit o time touring both Austria and Germany. The hockey was a development tournament and the games were very close, always within a goal.”

  Back at school now, ell is enjoying her year at the University of Minnesota-Duluth  (UMD) where she is working toward a Pre-Vet Degree. There isn’t much free time between school, hockey and training. As for the level of hockey, Bell says it’s fast with the girls being bigger and stronger. “I get along really well with everyone on the team and love being a part of it. There is also a great coaching staff. The facility I play in is amazing and the entire university atmosphere is great.” The team stats aren’t what they had hoped for but they continue to strive for improvement.

  Bell will be in Duluth for the next three years and she hopes to pursue Veterinary Medicine. “As far as hockey goes I will play with the Bulldogs for the net three years and continue to work on my development as a player and keep improving my game.” Her hope is to keep getting the invites from Hockey Canada for the Women’s team. “I will strive to be the best player and teammate I can with hopes of making the 2022 Canadian Olympic team. That for sure is my ultimate goal.”

  Bell is very aware of her good fortune with opportunities that have allowed her to see some amazing parts of the world and play hockey with the best players in the world. ‘I am so thankful for it all. I have once again been so blessed to have great family and friends that continue to support me along the way for which I am truly grateful,” she concluded.

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