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 As most of you are aware, Gordon and I have moved into Winnipeg. A very difficult decision for us.  Some of you might not know that we have a beautiful disabled daughter, Kelly, and she needs us and we need her more in each other's lives.  As we are getting older it was getting increasingly difficult to get on the road every other weekend and rent hotel rooms.  We were so blessed not to have had one accident in 9 years of going back and forth.  The trips started out as twice a month then we found it was once a month.  We felt guilty and guilt is a tremendous motivator to do good.

 Anyway, the reason we are writing this letter to you is to tell you about our list we made up before our decision was made to leave.  As you will see, there were more reasons to stay, by far.  When we arrived there were no strangers in Town except us.  The oil was not in motion so much, so we stood out in Deloraine.

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 From the very beginning Howie Edwards and the Town personnel were exceptional.  The Town is the first place you go to set up taxes, water bills, etc.  They are the front line, so to speak, and are exceptional. They made us so welcome.  Thank you again.

 How do you know you live in A TOWN THAT LOVES COMPANY?

 1.  When you drive through Town for the first time, you wonder how anyone gets anywhere! A resident was driving so slow, the kids were saying oh no!  But, we all learned as time went on that these residents who drive slowly were probably going just under the speed limit.

 2.  We remember there were people coming up to us at the motel and BJ's, stopping and introducing themselves to us.  Our meals got cold, more than once, but the warmth from all of you more than kept the meals warm.

 3.  When we went to a restaurant people would actually invite you to share a table with them. Unbelievable to us at that time.  We thought they were curious about the new Mountie in Town but we learned that it was far more than that.  

 4.  We brought three children with us into the community.  I have to say I was scared for them because they were aboriginal and it seemed everyone else was not. WRONG. There are many Metis and other groups in our community.  I made it clear, you can say what you like about me and Gord, but, leave my kids alone!  Well, not only did they thrive here, they all got jobs and worked and loved the spending money and people they met.  It helped them come out of their shells and look people in the eye and not be so shy, anymore.  They learned a work ethic, and when they fell down, a kind boss was there to give them a chance.  Thank you.  They are all doing well.  Fran is doing her Honours in Fine Arts this year, Jules is working for the City of Winnipeg as a City Bus Driver.  He was the youngest ever to be hired but he has proved his worth.  Terri is married and has worked at the Canad Inns in Brandon for two years now. Thank you to the school for helping them along.  This would not happen in a large community.

 5.  We were invited to join groups like the 2000 Club!  Oh my, what a dedicated group of wonderful, giving people.  So selfless in giving  their time and energy to so many causes.  I encourage new comers to get involved here when you are settled. They are a fun group, and you can pick and choose where you want to help.  The best way to get to know people is by putting yourself out there and jumping in.  

 6.  I was invited to join a Coffee Club on Wednesday afternoons. Well, I had more laughs there than I have had in my whole life.  We promised that we would let the men gossip at their morning coffee break, we were not going to be a gossip group.  Not saying we were perfecto at it, but we were great at being ourselves, and, sharing our lives.  Thanks girls, thank you Peggy and Dana for putting up with our shenanigans.  This group was a lifesaver to me.  Thank you girls, you’re the best!  I lived 14 years in Winnipeg, and never had the fellowship I had with you.

 7.  My job at the Co-op!  It was amazing.  How lucky and happy I felt to go into a work place everyday and feel I belonged.  The staff is amazing, kind, and they all made me feel welcomed and part of the Co-op.  It never hurts when you’re the person demonstrating food!  Lol. I pulled a few pranks and had fun working.  No stress, just work and make it interesting.  I think you all thought that this lady never stops talking!  But you were all kind and shared again your ailments when you couldn't partake of what I was serving.  You all got the same problems but different foods not to eat. No sugar, gluten free, cholesterol free, lactose intolerant, acid reflux, can't eat meat, can't eat eggs, and the best one is, no my wife will kill me if I go home and I am not hungry!  Thank you Donny and the staff in Deloraine.  Bouquet to all of you and those wonderful customers who saw me and said "Oh no, what are you going to try and sell me today?"  Lol

 8.  The ambulance and firefighters and street cleaning, thank you.  Of course, it didn't hurt when you live next to the hospital.  It was the first street to get cleared.  I remember hearing music while sitting in my living room.  I got up to investigate and saw the Lodge residents outside and our own musicians giving them a concert.  I REMEMBER, what a warm feeling that gave me.  But, when I get into the Lodge I wanted Elvis and, at least, Frank Sinatra.  You’re amazing people.  We even have Doreen Bell playing music, by ear at 93.  What a gem!

9.  Our Crown Jewels ladies, the Queen is Judy Astle.  What a fun group.  As my friends say there is no need for anyone to feel alone when there is so much to do.  We went everywhere and laughed and ate. Thank you girls, it was great.  I may even join here.  Don't be shy, call and join.  If you don't drive, there are plenty that do, and someone will be there to pick you up.

 10.  My final thought in saying goodbye for now, we will be back camping at the Peace Garden or Adam Lake with our friends.  We will be back for special occasions, and hope you will come see us.  Stay true to the Town That Loves Company and reach out to the strangers, you might just be lucky enough to make a friend for life.  We loved Deloraine!  The best Town in Manitoba.

 New owners moving into the Brown House on the corner!  Welcome!

Brenda and Gordon Noseworthy

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