Broomhill Women’s Institute

 Broomhill Women’s Institute held their first meeting for 2016 on January 6 at the home of Jean Dickson, at 2:30 p.m.

  The meeting opened with the Creed repeated in unison.

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  Motto: “Do a little more each day, than you think you possibly can”.

  Roll Call: Donate to the birthday elevator and tell what you did for Christmas. We were very pleased to have a visitor attend our meeting. Thought for the Day - Jean Dickson, “Worry doesn’t take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace”.

  The two-minute presentation by the Education Committees were given, interesting and varied, as usual.

Correspondence included a thank you card for flowers we gave to Nelda Wilkinson, on her special birthday.

  We made the draws for our unknown sisters for 2016.

  The new Education Committee convenors were chosen: Personal Development - Jean Dickson; Family - Pat Dickson; Community Action - Helen McConnell; Agriculture and Rural Development - Sylvia Halls; Environment - Nelda Wilkinson.

  We will be hosting the February birthday party at Willow View P.C.H. on February 18. Discussion took place about what we will serve for lunch and also what we will have for entertainment.

  Discussion also took place, about how we can celebrate our 65th anniversary. Ideas were shared and this will be discussed further at upcoming meetings.

  Jean Dickson had a Christmas quiz, which everyone enjoyed, and did well at.

  Lunch was supplied and served by Jean Dickson. A pleasant hour was spent visiting over a delicious lunch.

  The next meeting will be held at the home of Sylvia Halls, on February 3.

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