Walk for Water

  As part of the WE Schools program, Deloraine School Social Justice Committee has participated in a number of events this past year. From volunteer to charitable involvements in the community and on a larger, global scale, the Social Justice Committee has organized and rallied the involvement of the student body to help create change.

  Our latest, global issue is one involving the basic human right to clean water. As clean water is not readily and easily available to more than 840 million people worldwide and about 2.4 billion people are living without access to sanitation services, the committee decided to join the campaign to raise money for this worthwhile cause. Because it only takes $25.00 to provide clean water for one person for their entire lifetime, the Social Justice Committee decided to join the WE Walk for Water campaign and set a goal of raising $750.00 which would help provide clean water for thirty people. To raise the funds, we began “Hat Fridays” on March 1st which will carry on through June; included proceeds from a bake sale on May 6th and participated in the International WE Walk for Water on Friday, May 10th (see photos).To date, WE Villages has provided more than one million people with access to clean water.

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  Deloraine School Social Justice Committee is very grateful for the participation of Kindergarten to Grade 12 students and staff who continue to support this cause to help us create global change. If the right to access clean water is something that you are passionate about and you would like to help us create change by adding an amount that you are comfortable with, please feel free to drop into the office at Deloraine School and speak with our Administrative Secretary. Meeting our goal is exciting, but exceeding our goal would be exhilarating.


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