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I am a sports fan.  I like to watch and cheer for my favourite teams.  I groan over missed calls or officiating that goes against my chosen team.  If the opposition gets a bad call they deserve it.

  While on a recent holiday I watched some Winnipeg Jet games that were broadcast by the opposition "play by play" team.  It surprised me how they saw the action differently than me, even though it was the same game.  I thought back to when my family was involved in sport. Our teams’ body checks were good clean old time hockey, their teams checks were cheap shots!  Funny how the oppositions parents felt the same. Our opinions were based on our emotions at the time, not necessarily the reality.

  I am also an observer of politics. On the same holiday I watched the news on different networks. It was amazing how CNN and Fox could report on the same event and make it seem so different. In sport, teams are important. But it is just a "sport".  In positions of governing a country, keeping our planet healthy, looking after the less advantaged, it is more important to look at what is "right or wrong, factual or an illusion" than what team is reporting the issue or event. 

  Back to sports!  How about this years’ Super Bowl- the lowest TV ratings in a decade. One comment at half time was "They are playing like they know the winner might have to go to the Whitehouse!" The answer to last week’s trivia is Tanner Jago from Brandon/Reston who has a nomination for the Hobie Baker Award (top US college hockey player).

  This week asks, in the Winnipeg Jets "I love to read contest" who got thrown back when the Deloraine students were ice fishing?  Great video if you haven't seen it!




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