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Sports Ramblings

By Dale McKinnon

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The answers to last weeks’ alphabet Deloraine sports trivia. If you can’t find your paper from last week, go to Deloraine Times & Star facebook page for the questions – or to our website      

A-Colin Adams

B- Ashton Bell and Dan Bonar

C-Wayne Coxworth and Ryan Caldwell

D- Don Dietrich

E- Dwayne Edwards

F- Brian Franklin

G- Roger Goethals

H- Grady Hobbs

I -Nick Innis

J -Jeff Johnston

K- Glen King

L -Sheldon Lanchbery

M- Larry McKillop and Delmar Main

N -Chris Nielsen

O -Mitch Olson

P -Polly Hardy

Q- Brian Quilty

R -Amber Rommelaere

S- Danny Sunaert and Bruce Stephens

T- Jimmy Teeteart

U -Gordon Unrau

V -Skyla Vanmackelbergh

W -Murray Warren

X- Danny  Maxwell

Y -Corey Yeomans

Z- Alexander (Zander) McKinnon


The answer deadline was after the time I needed to submit this weeks article.  Therefore the winner of the all expense paid holiday will be announced at a latter issue!

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