Rommelaere seeks election

Note: All the candidates in the 2018 Civic election were interviewed, if they were incumbent the questions were a bit different from new candidates. The following is Sara Rommelaere’s answers to the interview.

Question: What prompted you to run for council?

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Answer: I was prompted to run for council a couple years ago.  I want to be part of the bigger picture in Deloraine Winchester with regards to policy, growth and development and accountability to the tax payers.  There are many projects that the municipality has done or that are on the go that are of interest to me at the moment.  Overall, I have a keen interest in politics, I love a challenge/ to be challenged and I enjoy working toward a common goal in a team setting.

Question: What qualities and experience do you have that would be beneficial for this role?

Answer: I possess many qualities that would be beneficial to this role.  I am a mother, a nurse, my husband is a teacher and I married into a farm family.  I am aware of the diverse needs of our population.  I am honest, smart, eager, logical, accountable and trustworthy. I work well as both a leader and a member of a team and I have the ability to deal well with stressful or difficult situations.  I have experience on many boards as chairperson or president and as a member.  Being a member of the student government at Brandon University, 15 years ago, is what sparked my interest in politics and I have been on one board or another ever since i.e. Provider Advisory Council with BRHA, Chair of Wee R Special Daycare, Oil Dome Baseball League President, Deloraine Golf Club, Deloraine Minor Ball

Question: What do you think the top five challenges are in the municipality?

Answer: Top Five Challenges in the Municipality was the question but I am going to list 6…

a.          Health Services

b.          Whitewater Lake/Flooding

c.          Road Conditions

d.          Police Presence

e.          Business and Services in the Town of Deloraine

f.          Concern over municipal tax rates

Questions: What changes/improvements would you like to see?

Answer: I would like to see an improvement in our business sector.  We have many unopen store fronts and underutilized spaces in Deloraine.  We need to be able to draw people/tourists into our town to boost our economy and growth.  I would like to see an increase in police presence in the municipality, have our community members know who their officers are and have those officers invested in our area.  I would also like to assist the new council in maintaining and building on the trust and faith from their community members, along with moving past previous challenges and divisions in our community. I believe Deloraine has so much more to offer and it can be accomplished with the right supports in place and stimulation.  I also believe that change is a good thing, that we shouldn’t be afraid of it and that great things can come from it.

Question: What is the community’s greatest resource(s)?

Answer: I believe our greatest resource is our people.  Our people make it possible to provide health services, store fronts, child care, education, fundraising initiatives, and so much more.  We need to be able to continue to provide what we already have and develop what we do not.  In addition to our people, our municipality has so much to offer to our residents and to tourists, we need to capitalize on all of it.

I am grateful for the opportunity to run for council and am excited for the potential to bring a fresh, new voice to our area.  I hope I can count on the voters in Ward 4 to allow me to serve on their behalf.

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