Piano exam results

 Congratulations to the following students who were successful in their Royal Conservatory of Music exams in Deloraine.

Alto Saxophone

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   Level 4: First Class Honours - Earl Burnett, Tilston


Preparatory A: First Class Honours with Distinction - Earl Burnett, Tilston; Emmé Nasby, Deloraine. First Class Honours - Zuri Olwage, Dunseith.

 Preparatory B: First Class Honours with Distinction - Rohan Gervin, Boissevain; Kyra Zimmer, Boissevain; Diana Godon, Boissevain and Holden Ricard, Boissevain and Jacob Reimer, Boissevain(equal). First Class Honours - Lexie Dueck, Boissevain; Kennedy Birch, Boissevain; Elizabeth Fehr, Boissevain.

   Level 1: First Class Honours - Isaiah Nasby, Deloraine; Gideon Nasby, Deloraine. Honours - Isabella Gustafson, Deloraine.

   Level 2: Honours - Andee Cowan, Gainsborough and Dylan Radcliffe, Waskada(equal).

   Level 3: First Class Honours - Carlton Champion, Deloraine.

   Level 4: Honours - Georgia Raes, Deloraine.

   Level 6: Honours - Brooklyn Claeys, Deloraine.

   Level 7: First Class Honours - Bennett Radcliffe, Waskada.


   Level 6: First Class Honours - Danika McCausland, Boissevain. Pass - Brooklyn Claeys, Deloraine.

   Level 7: First Class Honours - Jillia Meggison, Goodlands. Honours - Ethan Radcliffe, Waskada; Bennett Radcliffe, Waskada.

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