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Well. . .we got through another week of winter with mild temperatures. It’s all good except when it rains. . .I know, we can’t have it all! However, we got through January which always feels a hundred days long instead of 31.

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The Southwest Wings – Bantam boys hockey team from the region hosted its home tournament last weekend, losing in the finals to Bottineau. The Wings have had an excellent season and were looking for a win, which would have made this tournament four in row.

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The Deloraine-Winchester Theatre was almost at full capacity for MTC’s Region tour presentation of “The New Canadian Curling Club”, a part of the Southwest Showcase 2019-2020 series. There were plenty of laughs as the cantankerous, racist Stuart MacPhail tries to teach newcomers to Canada the game of curling with the ultimate goal of competing for the much-coveted Highlander Cup. Playwright Mark Crawford touches on several hot topics surrounding immigration in Canada —the beliefs that many Canadians hold true: immigrants are given a lot of freebies (housing, food, money, etc), that they are made to feel welcome, that international students are given scholarships/grants/appointments ahead of Canadian students and so on. MacPhail is the epitome of a non-politically correct person and his comments don’t sit well with his curling students. This is all done with a lot of humour and at the end of the day, MacPhail has an epiphany that even his family were immigrants at one time.

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Terry VanMackelberg, formerly of Deloraine was presented a special award from The John Howard Society of Canada a few months ago.

What is the John Howard Society?

An independent voluntary organization composed of citizens who accept responsibility for understanding and dealing with the problems of crime and the criminal justice system in a creative, humane and progressive manner. The Society fulfills this responsibility through reform, advocacy, direct service, and public education.

  Upon receiving the award this is what Terry had to say:

“My heart is full this morning. I was awarded the Outstanding Community Partner by the The John Howard Society of Canada at their Restorative Justice Week Breakfast for my work with Lulu's Lodge. I am completely honoured to be the recipient of this award, but knowing that our LGBTQ2S+ youth have a safe and warm place to call home truly is the only gift I need. Thank you John Howard Society for giving our youth that safe place,” said Terry.

What is Lulu’s Lodge?

Lulu’s Lodge provides residence to five LGBTQ2S youth 16 - 21 years of age. Provides cultural, recreational, and vocational programming opportunities to its residents. The youth in the home will have access to the Supported Independent Living Program and Cornerstone Drop-in Centre.

Services include:

• Supports and live skills to help with independence

• Advocacy

• Referrals to other community agencies

• Building community and connecting to supports

Eligibility: LGBTQ2S youth 16 - 21 years of age who facing housing issues.

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How to bring your finances back on track after the holidays

Establish a budget

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada has just launched a tool to help establish a budget.

Their budget calculator provides instant feedback and personalized suggestions that will help you develop a budget that suits you. You can update it anywhere and anytime to adjust your spending plans as they change.

Practice active saving

This means adopting the habit of saving on a regular basis. In other words, regardless of the amount of money someone makes, regular efforts to save for unexpected expenses and other future priorities appear to be the key to feeling and being in control of personal finances.

Plan to pay off debt

This enables you to significantly reduce the interest you are paying. Start by making a list to identify all your debts. Don’t omit any, even if some of them are small. Review your budget and identify all your sources of income and expenses. Then, choose a repayment strategy. Start with the debts with the highest interest rates, or those with the smallest balances. Eliminating the number of debts you have can increase your motivation to repay your debts more quickly.




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