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Note: It’s a slow time for local sports right now, so Dale wrote some reflections about the world and the future:

All of our kids and grandkids were home last week, and you can’t help but wonder where they will be and what they will be doing in 20, 30, or 40 years. It is exciting and one of the great pleasures of this time in our lives, but there is a catch: the overwhelming scientific consensus tells us we have about a decade to transform our energy systems to change track and avoid the worst of dangerous climate change.

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  We already have glimpses into a warmer world: unbearable heat waves, floods and droughts that are hitting every few years rather than every hundred, unusually frigid winters at the same time that temperatures in the arctic soar… something's got to give, or our grandkids will spend their lives cleaning up our mess.

  Ultimately we know what is driving this growing global crisis: our production and use of oil, gas, and coal. Don’t get me wrong, fossil fuels have powered incredible development. They have allowed us to build societies and economies that give us a quality of life our grandparents could have never imagined. This is not about turning off the taps overnight, it is about a responsible but ambitious transition away from fossil fuels to scale up the clean and renewable energy that will inevitably dominate this century.

  I agree with Larry Maguire in his letter last week; governments do need a real plan to protect our environment and Ken Waddell's suggestion that governments need to grow a spine. But not by making reckless decisions to lock-in decades worth of energy that we can’t afford. Our governments need to put an end to fossil fuel expansion and begin a responsible plan for a fair and managed decline of our oil and gas sector. My grandkids and yours deserve it.

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