Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester minutes

Note: This is the unofficial version of the most recent meeting of Council

A regular meeting of council was held on April 24, 2019 at 4:30 p.m. in the Muniplex. Those present included Reeve Gord Weidenhamer, Councillors Debbie Adams, Jon Gustafson, Stu Clelland, Sara Rommelaere, Duane Edwards, Dawna Tompsett and CAO Pam Hainsworth.

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  The agenda was adopted and the meeting came to order. Council waived the reading of the minutes of the meeting held on April 10, in accordance with Section 118(2) of the Municipal Act and the minutes were approved.

  Council authorized the Public Works overtime.

  Council  gave 3rd reading and passed By-Law 19-002 to provide for the payment of elected officials, officers and employees of the Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester.

IN FAVOUR: Clelland, Rommelaere, Adams, Edwards

OPPOSED: Tompsett, Gustafson, Weidenhamer

  The following development permits were approved:

            • 10A-444 – Deck

            • 5-2-417 – Demolish Shed

            • 5-1-599 – Siding/roofing/windows/deck

BE IT RESOLVED THAT WHEREAS the 2014 provincial government forced municipalities with populations under 1000 residents to amalgamate

AND WHEREAS assessment values are substantially different between urban and rural properties that mill rate equalization cannot be fairly adjusted

AND WHEREAS municipalities were only given the option of implementing LUD’s or Special Services, both substantial administrative costs

AND WEHREAS the province has initiated the red tape reduction program to aid municipalities

NOW THEREFORE BE ITRESOVLED T HAT. The AMM lobby the Province of Manitoba to amend The Municipal Amalgamation Act to allow municipalities to maintain differential mill rates.


Unpaid accounts were added to taxes.

  Council has received notification of the discontinuance of the Instrument Light Rules approach is no longer available at the Deloraine-Winchester Airport. The air ambulance relies on GPS technology to land in the case of inclement weather and this technology has previously been supported y NAV ANADA in the past at no cost to the Municipality, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOVLED that the AMM lobby NAV CANADA to have this vital service reinstated by reviewing the Level of Service Policy implemented January of 2016. AND if this isn’t an option, that assistance for this reinstatement be cushioned by the Capital Assistance Airport Program funding.


Council gave 3rd reading and passed By-Law 19-004 for the regulation of the licensing of raffle lotteries within the Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester.

Council gave 1st and 2nd readings to By-Law No. 19-005, being a bylaw to levy taxes for 2019.

  Council gave 1st and 2nd readings to By-Law No. 19-006, being a bylaw to establish payment to municipal employees.

  Council approved the following: Emergency Planning for Water Utilities minutes and TMCD minutes.

The meeting was adjourned.

Delegations: None.

The next regular meeting will be May 8, 2019 at 4:30 p.m.



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