MTC tour coming to Deloraine

 Can you believe this year is the 61st season for the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre regional tour? And they are coming to Deloraine on February 19 as the fifth instalment of the 2018-19 Southwest Showcase series. The charming comedy “Buying the Farm” will be directed by Magnus Theatre’s Artistic Director Thom Currie.

  About the play:

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  “Magnus Bjornson is a sixty-something down-to-earth bachelor who has worked on his family farm all his life. His smart-as-a-whip niece, Esme Van Fossen, has been helping her great-uncle for the past four months, but when issues arise things go awry. Magnus’s health takes a turn, his finances are out of sorts and there’s a real estate developer ready to make an offer. Watch tis delightfully comedic story unfold and embrace life’s inevitable changes amongst the cows and chickens.”

  Stephen’s (writer) inspiration for the production stems from farming roots going back generations and his experience working, time and again, in theatres, situated in farming communities where he’s witnessed changes for good and ill.

  Tickets can still be purchased for “Buying the Farm”. Call Linda at 204-747-3575.


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