Maguire hosts community barbecue

The community of Deloraine was invited to join Larry Maguire for a barbecue on August 8 in the park. It was a great opportunity for a get together as well as to celebrate the Estremos family’s success in acquiring their Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. Mary Ann Estremos is one of the nurses recruited from the Philippines 10 years ago. It has been quite the battle for Mary Ann and her family in the journey to get PR.

  “It’s good to see so many here today to help the Estremos family celebrate. We were happy to help them in any way through the process, but I have to say it was largely due to Grant Cassils for informing us of the situation and Cheryl Porter and her determination to get things done — she is persistent in her efforts. Seeing this process through has been some of our most satisfying work, but it would not have happened without the whole community of Deloraine – from the council, school, students, hospital and the big effort by the community with their letters of support. The community made it possible for our office to do our work and get it done.

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  “The PR came just in time as Kate Estremos (oldest daughter) is in Grade 12 and will be applying to attend university. If you don’t have PR status you cannot attend university — so this is indeed a good news story,” concluded Maguire.

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