4-H Communication Night

  The Deloraine Community 4-H Club held its Communications Night on Monday, February 6, at the School. Jessica Goethals, Senior member, asked the Club forward to recite the 4-H Pledge and Motto.

  Savana Aitchison presented her Junior speech, entitled Tubing.  After hearing the speech I think everyone present wanted to go tubing – it sounded like so much fun - from hanging off the side, to scaring her mom, flying off the tube and saving their little mini Daschund. “I can’t wait for summer 2017,” she concluded.

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  Jessica Goethals presented her Senior speech – Greece.  Through the years, Jessica has an underlying theme intertwined into her speeches, whereby she “gives her dad a hard time’  - which is very humourous, especially if you know him. Going to Greece was an experience of a lifetime with its rich history including the Temple of Zeus, site of the Modern Olympics, Acropolis, Parthenon, Old Temple of Athena and much more. 

  Natalie Maguire’s Intermediate speech was entitled Baseball.  It was easy to see Natalie loves baseball as she explained the game and its positions. “It’s not about winning and losing, it’s about having fun. I love to pitch and tournaments are fun,” she said.

  Whitney Vandendorpe’s Junior speech was entitled The Great Blue Hole.  Whitney explained how this is one of the most unique places on earth. Blue Holes are beautiful but deadly and can be found on every continent on earth. Many people visit The Great Blue Hole every year.

  Avery Aitchison presented her Cloverbud speech – My Dog. “Sadie makes us giggle, especially when she pretends to be a big guard dog and she is really so tiny. She chews everything, even my socks. I have taught her tricks like sit, shake a paw and playing dead. I like taking her for walks but I mostly have to carry her after one block. Sadie makes funny noises when sleeping. She is so excited to see me when I get home. Sadie is my best friend and I love her so much. She is the best dog in the world.”

  Kenzie Edwards presented her Senior speech - The Toughest Four Letter Word on Wheels. She was referring to “Jeep” and she explained its history from being used extensively in WWII to being a much sought-after SUV today. She related that 640,000 jeeps were used in the war effort and the Jeep was famous after the war as well. It was described as a masterpiece of functionalist design. The head branch for Jeep is in Toledo, Ohio. The origin of the word Jeep is uncertain but it is thought to be military-based. Whatever the origin of the name, Kenzie is just happy to see a red Jeep in her driveway.

  The final speech was Taryn Perriman’s Cloverbud speech - My Puppy Ate My Earbuds - a poem by Kenn Nesbitt. Taryn delivered this delightful poem with a lot of enthusiasm and emphasis in the right places.

  Refreshments were enjoyed while the judges deliberated. Judges Diana Breemersch and Doreen Cappelle gave their remarks and suggestions. Some of their general comments:

• Take a few breaths once you are up front

• Choose a topic close to your heart

• Use of small cue cards is preferable

• Appearance is important - be nicely dressed and wear shoes for a finished look

• When picking a title put a little twist in it to keep people guessing as to what your speech is about

• We encourage you to go on to Zones, it is a great experience and you will learn lots from the others

  The judges presented the awardsto: Cloverbud: 1st Avery Aitchison; 2nd Taryn Perriman; Junior: 1st Savana Aitchison; 2nd Whitney Vandendorpe; Intermediate: 1st Natalie Maguire. Senior: 1st Jessica Goethals; 2nd Kenzie Edwards.

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