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Letter to the Editor

On August 28.2018 the Supreme Court  of British Columbia ruled that Taseko mining company  can proceed with investigative work at a  new Prosperity site .

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The court decision is unequivocal and it confirms the Government of British Colombia has the authority to approve resource development work even in the face of aboriginal opposition. This can be read at the Taseko website. Isn’t the licensing of pipelines a federal jurisdiction and why doesn’t the same apply to new pipelines and other projects, and why has everything go to court first? Make some decisions that are in the interests of Canada as a whole? Could it be that certain law firms make a killing with cases like this? A lot of politicians are lawyers and are still associated with their old firms.

Bill 69 states, when all the procedures for a new pipeline are met and approved the environment minister still has the right to veto the project. Which company in its right mind is even starting an approval  process that a lot of times costs billions of dollars with a possibility like that? It just shows that our federal government isn’t interested in approving pipelines no matter what, since our present environment minister for sure will veto any more pipelines.

I am involved in the oil industry and might be somewhat biased,  but here are some more issues I have. I am all for reducing the use of oil and gas if for the only reason that future generations still have some means to heat their houses and get to work but it too has to make common sense. If it is true that 50-60% of the population is living from pay cheque  to pay cheque how are they  to pay for all these increases? Most can’t even afford a conventional car (they have to finance it for up to 8 years) never mind an electric car. Besides electric cars won’t drive very far at -20 to - 40 C .

Promoter for wind energy and solar energy claim it is much cheaper now to produce these 2 energies than conventional power plants. What they don’t say is neither one can guarantee a steady supply of power , even when providing power they hardly ever provide even 90  % of their capacity, most of the time it is less than 50% and a lot of times they do not produce power for days. (Solar only produces during the day). If they really want to compare the costs they should include the costs for the power plants that have to kept running for back up in case green energy can’t provide enough power. These cost and also the original construction costs of these plants have to be included. So why don’t we have both systems run parallel until we have something that guarantees a steady supply of green energy? The oil companies could make money with exported oil and pay taxes on it, which  would help pay for solutions to improve the production of green energy,  and by the way oil companies are investing in green energy as well.

Why are we sending billions of $s overseas, when we still need fossils fuel based products and energy produced power for decades to come and other countries are more than willing to buy these products from us?

Considering that most  of the world population lives at a standard of living way lower than what we are used to,  the use of fossil fuel  based energy can only go up.

What our governments are doing is just like quitting a job when you don’t have a new one lined up yet .It is irresponsible to say the least. It is my opinion our federal government is using these arguments only to get a new tax introduced. The last few years we have had to pay all kinds of environmental fees and of course PST and GST are charged on these as well.

Here is another thought  the USA not only buys the Canadian oil at a discount and sells it at a good profit on the world market, but could it be that US politicians and companies  want to prevent Canadian resources to reach world markets ? If they run low on their own resources  they can fall back on our resources and certain Canadian politician play right into their hands. (Nice friends). In this regard the Trans Mountain Pipeline is more important than the Keystone Pipeline.

Detlef Eissner Souris Mb.



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