Kirkwood seeks re-election

Note: Cliff Kirkwood is running again for the position of Councilor in Ward 4. All candidates were given a set of interview questions, the incumbent candidates were different from the new candidates.

Question: After four years on council what do you see as the five most important issues the Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester is facing? Have these changed in four years? Has there been progress made?

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Answer: Hospital services retention, Flood Mitigation Project, Medora Creek Project (Cleaning silt from the creek), Whitewater Lake release and completion of Water plant and Complex.

  • The Flood Mitigation has just started and should be finished this year.

  • A permit has been applied for to clean Medora Creek so it is up to the Province and it has been several months.

• Hospital Services Retention is in the hands of our government from what I understand and Municipal input is not even taken into account. To explain, after the Health Care Task Force meetings, we felt we had lost any input towards Healthcare — we realize the importance and haven’t given up on it – we are simply met with silence.

  • Whitewater Lake is a total up-hill battle but has been a priority for that committee for several years.

Question: What is the status of the current capital projects?

• The water plant and complex are very close to completion. Deficiencies at the water plant are nearly complete and Manitoba Water Services are responsible for accessed penalties to the contractor for overrun of the first date which is split between the Province, Feds and Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester.

  • The Complex is set to open in November and well within budget thanks to Jeff Johnston and the Rink Committee.

   I don’t think the Ward system is beneficial to the Town of Deloraine, if there are issues they are dealt with by the Council or day to day issues by staff. Even the Municipality dealing with gravel budgets, bad spots in the road etc. are reported by grader operators who are on the roads every day and all councilors are responsible for keeping them in good condition.

Question: What does the Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester look like in 20 years? What progress has happened? What changes?

Answer: I think our outlook in 20 years will be very good if we keep a positive attitude and outlook in our community. Retention of all services, Pool, Theatre, Curling Club, Golf Club and Arena. Keeping the interests of our young families is imperative, so keeping all the services open will keep them here.



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