Gordon first Mary Kay director in SW Manitoba

The Mary Kay company is much more than a cosmetics company. The company, which is active in 37 countries worldwide, has given just under $1 million towards supporting women living with cancer and has $1.34 million to empower domestic survivors through shelters and programs. These missions play a large role in why Cheryl Gordon of Deloraine joined Mary Kay.

  “My mom actually introduced me to Mary Kay when she started selling it when it came to Canada. I saw how being a consultant really developed her self-esteem. She got her driver’s license and I loved seeing her get dressed up.”

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  Gordon was a  loyal MK customer for years, loved the product and MK’s mission to help women, and wanting to get the products at 50%, she became a MK Consultant. Gordon was many things to many people. She worked off the farm as an LPN, worked with the family dairy farm, was a busy hockey-mom as well as many other activities with the kids, home-schooled for three years, worked as a Proctor and taught the LPN  and Health Aide courses. Between all of this and caring for her ailing parents, Gordon put her MK career on hold.

  “She rejoined Mary Kay in March 2018 and is happy to say she has grown as a person.”

  Gordon’s highest commission per month has been just about $1100 and she is currently working towards a Toyota Corolla car.

  Angela Hargreaves, Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay was on hand to officially induct Cheryl Gordon as a Director on Thursday, December 12 at the Mountview Centre in Deloraine. Gordon’s family, friends, sales team, and several fellow MK consultants were on hand to help her celebrate this achievement. Hargreaves explained the steps necessary of becoming an Independent Sales Director: 1. Independent Beauty Consultant; 2. Senior Consultant; 3. Star Team Builder; 5. Team Leader, 5: Future Sales Director and then the Independent Sales Director.

  Prior to the debut, Gordon’s daughter Chantel and her husband Ron provided a delicious array of appetizers.

  Hargreaves said coming to Deloraine was kind of like coming home as she grew up in the Tilston-Pierson area (maiden name Philip).

“I am so pleased to be here and to showcase Cheryl and her unit and celebrate her accomplishment. She explained that she too had started in MK because she didn’t want to pay full price for the product (as is the case with most consultants). “I actually joined for the sunscreen, I was broke and so became a consultant. I think I always wanted to be an entrepreneur — growing up on the farm I saw what it was like and then in the workforce I didn’t like to be told when I could take a vacation. I have an Ag Diploma and worked in that field for a while but the entrepreneurship lifestyle was calling me. This was 14 years ago and I was skeptical — my very first commission cheque was $8.37. Since then I’ve had lots of successes including trips to many countries – China, Maui, Prague, Alaska, Chili to name a few and my highest commission now is $15,000/month.” Hargreaves is working on becoming a National Sales Director.

  Just like Hargreaves, Gordon grew her business and her team or unit. She had five consultants from her unit in attendance including Darlyne Teetaert, Inge Carey, Amanda Leitner, her daughter Chantel and Doreen. They call themselves the WOW Unit — Women of Their Word. Their Unit Goal is for Gordon to get her first car by March 2020!

  Gordon could have stayed at the Future Sales Director stage forever because the perks are great but she says “she wants to lead by example. I know I have a lot to offer women and I love the Mary Kay philosophy of Faith, Family and Career. I love the two charitable foundations MK supports and I want to get involved with them— “Look Good, Feel Better” for women with cancer and the other that supports and empowers domestic abuse survivors. I love that 96% of all money raised goes directly to these charities. This all fits in with my character and I am grateful to have 100% support from my family.

  “Congratulations to Cheryl Gordon, the first Mary Kay Independent Sales Director for southwestern Manitoba,” concluded Hargreaves.

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