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The Goodlands Variety 4-H Club held its annual Achievement on Monday, June 3 following a delicious potluck supper. Club president George Meggison gave words of welcome and invited his fellow club members to the front to sing O’ Canada and recite the 4-H Pledge and Motto.

  Jillia Meggison was the club secretary and she gave the year-in-review report. The club is 32-members strong and there were seven meetings throughout the year starting with a costume-theme at the October meeting. Other activities enjoyed at the monthly meetings were curling, scrapbook work bee, highway clean-up, barbecue, Wheat Kings Game, marching practice — and of course all types of food. “The club speeches were great. We had nine members advance to Area and two advanced to provincials from Area (Ethan Radcliffe and George Meggison). The Meggisons and the Radcliffes hosted Japanese students. Ethan is going to Japan in July. Jillia is attending the National Citizens Congress in Calgary.

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  Ethan Radcliffe, treasurer, gave his year-end report.

  Project reviews – each member talked a bit about their project and one of their favourite things about said project.

  George Meggison — Sr. Member Event – Project in a Weekend. The project was Welding and he said using a mig welder and plasma cutter at ACC’s welding shop was his highlight. George also attended the provincial Sr. Members Conference. “I really enjoyed the speeches and learned a lot about leadership,” he said.

  Abi Wilkinson also took part in the Provincial Senior Member’s Conference. “It was the best event ever. You should go if you get the chance,” she encouraged. Abi’s project was “Master Living On Your Own”. She said she was shocked at the budget you need to live on your own. She said her favourite part of the project was spending time with her dad Jeremy (leader). “I got to see what he does to keep the family running that I didn’t know about,” she said.

  Ethan and Bennett Radcliffe gave a humorous presentation about their “Discover Welding” project and their ‘amazing’ cup holder! Their dad Mason was their leader. They both liked welding and the plasma cutting.

  Jillia Meggison’s project was “Discovering Ragtime Quilts” with leader Heather Meggison. Jillia really liked her project and her highlight was seeing the outcome of the quilt.

  Outdoor Living was Nolan Millar’s choice for project. His highlights including hiking in the mountains and building snow shelters. His mom Cindy Cassils was his leader.

  Rylee Kehler took “Discovering Horsemanship 5” and her highlight cleaning and grooming her new horse Smartie and participating in the Winter Fair. Rylee’s grandma Marjie Hannah was her leader.

  Dylan Radcliffe, Sarah Meggison and Millie Wilkinson all took the Smart Sitter project with Kim Radcliffe as their leader. Their favourite things were learning to care for children and hanging out with their friends.

  Eli Janz’s project was Discover Fitness with leader Jeff Smart. Eli said Jeff helped him with his batting. “We kind of did slow-motion batting and Jeff also corrected my throwing and hitting,” said Eli.

  Explore Woodworking was Jesse Menkema and Seoul Tilokani’s project of choice. They both enjoyed building benches and learned how a stabilizer makes a difference in sturdiness. Their leader was Tara Cameron.

  Corsen Downey’s project was Woodworking. He said he really enjoyed using a router and making a picture frame. His leader was Mallo Clark.

  Lexie Downey, Callie Ginter and Isabella Gustafson all chose the project Discover Snacking Sense. They demonstrated making a smoothie from scratch using strawberries, banana, yogurt and milk. Their project highlights included taste testing the food, testing the ice pops and going for a sleepover. Their leader was Marcie Downey.

  Rory Kehler’s project was Discover Cake Decorating. Rory demonstrated how to ice a cake using an icing bag with all its parts including tips, couplers and finally a turntable to make icing easier.

  Casey Johannesen, Bristol Andries and Noah Gustafson’s project was Explore Woodworking with Steven Andries as their leader. Their highlights included making toolboxes, working with tools, using drills to carve out their names.

  Oliver Hatt’s project was Create-A-Project and he chose Mechanics. “We did an engine swap with two Subaru’s. “My favourite part was test driving the car and the hardest part was figuring out where all the parts belonged,” he said. Oliver’s leader was his dad Justin Hatt.

  Explore Small Animals was the project chosen by Eve Campbell, Ainslee McGregor and Joey Spence. Their highlights were seeing puppies and the mobile vet clinic. Their leader was Sharon Lee.

  Jake Griffith, Hudson Bell, Remi Campbell, Ravi Tilokani and Eve Campbell are all Cloverbuds and their project was Exploring 4-H. Some highlights included fun activities, ice fishing on the Souris River and outdoor living. Laine Campbell was the group leader.

  Another Cloverbud bunch included Mason Johannesen and Merrik Menkema and Maddox Menkema. Their highlights included small machines, small animals, learning the Pledge and Motto and making puppy chow. They made a catapult and demonstrated its abilities.

  Certificates were presented to all the members.

  Cloverbuds —  Hudson Bell, Eve Campbell, Remi Campbell, Callie Ginter, Jake Griffith, Joey Spence, Ravi Tilokani, Noah Gustafson, Oliver Hatt, Mason Johannesen, Ainslee McGregor, Maddox Menkema and Merrick Menkema.

  Junior — Dylan Radcliffe, Millie Wilkinson (who also received her 5 year certificate), Bristol Andrews, Seoul Tilokani, Corsen Downey, Eli Janz (who also received his 5 year certificate), Lexi Downy, Isabella Gustafson, Casey Johannesen, Rory Kehler and Jesse Menkema.

  Intermediate — Sara Meggison (5-year certificate), Bennett Radcliffe, Rylee Kehler (also belongs to Coulter Western Trail Riders) and Nolan Millar.

  Senior — Ethan Radcliffe (graduate), George Meggison (graduate and 9-year member), Jillia Meggison (8 year member), Abi Wilkinson (graduate). “The club has enjoyed excellent leadership from the grads and we wish them the best of luck,” said Head Leader Coral Meggison. Ethan is entering into the military, George will be studying Agriculture and Abi is going into education.

  Coral expressed appreciation to all the leaders and called them forward. This group included: Jeremy Wilkinson (5 years), Shannon Lee, Heather Meggison, Sharlene McGregor, Mason Radcliffe, Marcie Downey, Kim Radcliffe, Cindy Cassils, Tara Cameron, Marjie Hannah, Steve Andries, Justin Hatt, Laine Campbell, Mallo Clark, Coral Meggison (13 years) and Kim Janz (13 years).

  Coral concluded the program by reminding the members about 85th annual Boissevain & Area 4-H Rally on June 7.


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