Goodlands 4-H Club speech night

  Public speaking is perhaps one of the most important skills anyone can ever attain in their lives. Many Canadians are fortunate to have one through the 4-H system where writing and presenting speeches are a requirement of being a member.

  The Goodlands 4-H Variety Club held its Communication Night on February 10 at Waskada School. The club is 35-members strong so two rooms were used to accommodate all the presentations.  Jillia Meggison, club president, gave words of welcome and asked everyone to stand for the O’ Canada and the recitation of the 4-H Pledge.

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  Jillia introduced the judges — Vi Nielsen, Dave Stewart, Dayna McFarlane, Wendy May, Pat Temple and Tyler Thompson.

  Junior Speeches

  Corsen Downeypresented his speech “Sleds” – all about one of his favourite activities – snowmobiling and in particular the evolution of the snowmobile. Bombardier was the inventor of the first over snow vehicle, and this came about largely due to the fact that the Bombardier family lost a child because they couldn’t get to the hospital in time due to the snow.

  Noah Gustafsoncompared city life and farm life in his speech, citing the pros and cons of each. While the city has lots to do, you may live close to family and friends and you don’t need a car – the country offers a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, wildlife, no traffic, hunting and fishing opportunities – but you need a car, you probably won’t be close to family and friends and there might be less to do. “I like both a lot,” concluded Noah.

  Taryn Perriman took the audience through a day in her life – from waking, to breakfast, school, after school activities, to supper, visiting family after supper and getting ready for bed. And somewhere in there she mentioned
“everyone’s favoutite thing – homework”.

  Eve Campbellpresented a humorous account of the Campbell Family Oh-Ohs! She related that whenever the Campbell family gets together, there’s bound to be something go wrong! On one particular day while camping at Lake of the Woods – her aunt went for a walk and came running, screaming home as she had met a bear. And that same trip, Eve’s uncle and her dad came back from fishing with her dad screaming in pain with a fish hook in is face. Then there was a reunion at the farm and her dad discovered a grasshopper infestation in the wheat and someone else said there’s a tornado forecast. As well, some people had caught a superbug and the sewer system was plugged! “No matter what might happen though, we still look forward to our Campbell family get-togethers,” Eve concluded. She received 1st place.

  “Twins” was the subject of Lexie Downey’s speech. As she is a twin this was a very familiar subject. A few twin facts – the oldest living twins were 107, twins live longer than non-twins and the longest time between birth of one twin and another was 87 days. She dispelled the myth that twins can read each other’s minds. While that may be true for some twins – it isn’t for her and Corsen. And they definitely have different interests. And while it can be annoying there’s always someone to do stuff with, to blame and to have competition. “So in the end being a twin is pretty amazing”. Lexie received 2nd.

  Juliana Nestibospoke about “Healthy Living For Your Pet”. She cited six important tips, including Food – the right food in the right amounts; Water – perhaps even more important than the food is good clean water; Shelter – safe home; Exercise; Socializing and regular Vet Visits. Juliana was named Second Alternate.

  “The Love of My Life” was the title of Rory Kehler’s speech. She was speaking of gymnastics which she started at an early age. Rory has been able to do the splits for as long as she can remember. She started gymnastics in Boissevain and stopped after an accident left her with 25 stitches. After some time with riding lessons, she realized she also still loved gymnastics and so started back to it, this time in Carnduff. Her advice is “never stop doing what you love and always keep trying.”

   Ainslee McGregortold us all about her “Funny Farm” in her speech. It seems the McGregor family farm keeps increasing, but not necessarily to everyone’s liking. The first addition was a pot-bellied pig named “Penelope”, then there were some piglets – Heidi, Ella and Max, chickens and a rooster named Gerald that they gave back. “Dad wasn’t really in favour of the piglets until they became food in the freezer.” Ainslee wonders what animals they might get this year. Ainslee was named First Alternate.

  Joey Spenceloves hockey and especially the Edmonton Oilers and two of its stars – Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. “I hope the Oilers can win the cup this year”, he said.

Senior Two Person Visuals

Rylee Kehlerand Nolan Millar presented their Two-Person Visual about “The History of Archery”. Archery has actually been around for 64,000 years and was first used for hunting and gathering. They reviewed the four types of bows including the long bow, recurve, crossbow and compound. In recent years archery is more of a sport than anything else, with target archery and field archery both very popular. It became an Olympic sport in the 1900’s and live pigeons were used as targets. When archery was reintroduced to the Olympics in 1072 static targets were used. Rylee and Nolan received 2nd place.

“Handy Dandy Hacks” was the subject of sisters Jillia and Sarah Meggison’s Two Person Visual. They demonstrated several humorous travel hacks:

·       If you are worried about your luggage looking the same as everyone else’s – simply pull out one of your t-shirts and pull it over your suitcase – you’re sure to be the only one like it!

·       Have a lot of cash? Take your hairbrush, pull the bristle part away from the main brush and place your cash in there and put it back together. No one will think to look there!

·       Don’t have small toothpaste tube and aren’t allowed large ones on the plane? Make small portions by putting dollops of toothpaste on parchment paper, sprinkling them with baking soda, let harden and then place in container. Chew as needed for clean teeth and fresh breath.

·       Forgot a toque for that harsh cold, winter when returning to Canada. – use your long hair and make a babushka.

There were several more and if you wish to see more visit five minute crafts on you tube.

Jillia and Sarah received 1st place.

  Ally Goforth and Grayson Rudneski presented their Cloverbud Two Person Visual – “Izzy The Cat”. They told about how to care for a cat including changing litter, providing fresh water, playing with her, feeding her with food and treats, give her toys —“And the most important thing is to love her” they said. They received 1st place.

Seoul Tilokanipresented his Intermediate One-Person Visual – Decorating Cupcakes in three Easy Steps – including preparation – letting cupcakes cool, let air out of pre-filled icing bags, washing hands and then decorate with three types of icing tips. Seoul received first place.

Callie Ginterand Isabella Gustafson presented their Junior Two-Person Visual “Making Slime”. They named the ingredients and demonstrated putting everything together to make the gooey-texture that kids of all ages cannot leave alone. They even decided to make it into a business venture at a craft sale before Christmas – they sold 30 containers of slime at $2.00 each. Way to go girls! They received 1st place.

  Bennett Radcliffe’s speech was called “Even Bud Forgot the Pie” – recounting the evolution of communication and electronics. He couldn’t imagine a time when there was no internet – having the power of infinite information at your fingertips compared with the heavy, bulky set of encyclopedias people purchased from traveling salesmen in the day. And then there’s the plethora of options one can stream – not like Bennett’s dad who only had six channels – four of which were clear. Oh – and what about the VHS tapes that you actually had to rewind!! And the cassette tapes that you had to manually flip to the B-side. I mean – can you imagine? “Some might say the internet and all the gadgets today have taken away mystery and wonder. But I say it beats waling uphill both ways in the snow,” concluded Bennett. He received 1st for his speech.

  Nolan Nestibo’s speech was entitled “Corona More Than A Beer” in which he spoke about the Corona virus. Strains of the corona virus were first discovered in the 1960s. He said the fact is most of us have probably had a corona virus as some point in our lives and it probably occurred in childhood. So, while the media continues to feed our addiction for fear and drama, there is very little to be alarmed about with the corona virus. As with all other viruses, the most important thing is to often wash your hands thoroughly with hot soapy water. Nolan received 2nd for his speech.

Note: As there were speeches and visual presentations in two rooms, I wasn’t able to report on each one.

The other presentations included:

Intermediate speeches from Dylan Radcliffe – “Panic! At the February” and speech from Jesse Menkema

Junior 1 Person Visuals from Teagan Maddess – “Bauck Bauck Brilliant” and Bristol Andries – “Sea Shells”.

Cloverbud Speeches: Mason Johannesen “The Moon” – Mason was named First Alternate, Maddox Menkema – “My Dog Pepper”, Malcolm Morningstar, Ravi Tilokani - “My Trip to Mexico” – Ravi received 2nd place; Hudson Bell – “Ruger”, - Hudson was named Second Alternate; Merrik Menkema – “How to Make Devilled Eggs and Remi Campbell – “Pneumonia” – he received 1st place.

  All members receiving first and second placings will now advance to Zone Level competition.

  “We’ve had a good evening of speeches and visual presentations. Congratulations to those advancing to zones and a huge shout out to all members. Public speaking is not easy and you’ve all done well and we consider you all to be winners,” she concluded.







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