Edwards' rink honoured at Brier

The opening ceremonies at the 2019 Labatt Brier in Brandon were extra special for Deloraine curling fans. The local rink that won the 1990 Tankard and went on to represent Manitoba in the Brier were honoured in the ceremony — Duane Edwards, Kelly McMechan, Don Williams and Jack Edwards (pictured right to left). These gentlemen gave us all a lot to cheer about almost 30 years ago and continue to make us proud as they promote the game of curling.

 Kelly's daughter Megan was seven years old when her dad and company won the 1990 Tankard and represented Manitoba in the Brier. As she sat at the Keystone Centre awaiting the opening cermonies o the 2019 Brier, she was recollecting - the following are her thoughts that she graciously shared:

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  "The Keystone Centre is a special place in developing my love for the game of curling.

 In 1993 I remember watching Maureen Bonar’s Manitoba team playing Sandra Peterson’s (Schmirler) Saskatchewan team in the final. Although the win didn’t go In our favour it was a great experience. 
   In 1995 the worlds were held in Brandon and I remember watching and cheering for Kerry Burtnyk’s Team Canada. They were the winners of the world championship.

   In 1997 the Olympic Trials came to Brandon. I’ll never forget Kevin Martin’s light draw, resulting in a steal and a win for Mike Harris who went onto win a silver medal in the Nagano Olympics. At this same event I witnessed the famous “in off” that Sandra Schmirler made against Shannon Kliebrink. This would have been considered the “TSN turning point” and secured the win for the Schmirler team, who went into win Olympic gold.

   In 2004 I took in much of the Safeway Select and remember Brent Scales final draw, appearing light out of his hand, and his front end carried the stone to the house for the win.

  Yesterday, in 2019, for me there hasn’t been an experience to date at the Keystone Centre that even compared to watching dad and his team honoured as a “past” Manitoba Champion, during the Brier opening ceremonies. At the time of their 1990 provincial win, I was 7 years old and had no idea the accomplishment and magnitude of what this actually meant.”

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