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  Approximately 250 entries were displayed in the Adult section of the display building at the annual Deloraine Fair. Horticulture, canning, foods, quilts, sewing, crochet, knitting and handicrafts offered a lovely display of talent from our exhibitors.

  The judges for the day were Kay Kristjanson, Janet Breemersch, Deloraine; Margaret Siekbeil, and Jean Sharpe. They had a challenging job of picking winners, and then picking the top entries to go in the Court of Honor.

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  The 22 exhibitors were as follows listing starting from the largest payout: Mary Gervais, Griswold; Muriel McCallum, Boissevain; Joyce Scott, Boissevain        ; Barb Hardy, Deloraine; Mina Dyck, Deloraine; Marguerite Raes, Deloraine; Doreen Cappelle, Deloraine; Dorothy Simpson, Boissevain; Audrey Vansteelandet, Deloraine; Ruth Renwick, Boissevain; Marie Hobbs, Deloraine; Susan Cappelle, Deloraine; Paulette Breemersch, Deloraine; Bernadette McPherson, Deloraine; Debbie Norton, Deloraine; Judy Adams, Boissevain; Ginny Andries, Deloraine; Robyn Maddess, Deloraine; Jane Adams, Deloraine; Susan Gilson, Deloraine; Ralph Cannon, Deloraine; Jen McMechan, Deloraine.

  The Court of Honor winners were as follows: Horticulture: Judy Adams, Canning: Mary Gervais, Foods breads: Barb Hardy, Foods cakes: Muriel McCallum, Quilts: Joyce Scott, Sewing: Audrey Vansteelandt, Knitting: Paulette Breemersch, Crocheting: Bernadette McPherson, Handicrafts: Doreen Cappelle.

  Most points in Horticulture – Mary Gervais

  Most points in Sewing – Joyce Scott

  Most points in Foods – Muriel McCallum

  Boundary Co-op best buns/bread – Barb Hardy, Joyce Scott, Mina Dyck

  Raes Family Farm Chiffon Cake – Muriel McCallum, Susan Cappelle

  Country Fair entries sponsored by: Crisco – Muriel McCallum, Barb Hardy; Robin Hood – Barb Hardy, Susan Cappelle; Bernardin best craft – Mary Gervais; Bernardin best canning - Mary Gervais; Bernardin best gift basket – Mary Gervais.

  This year there was also a Provincial sponsored category “Best of the Best”. This winner was Judy Adams with her beautiful Begonia plant.

  The display building committee also sold tickets and the winners were: Ron Murias, Carlyn Demare, and Marguerite Raes, each winning $50.00.

  Next year we hope to have Special categories in conjunction with Manitoba’s 150th birthday. Hopefully we will have a huge display and many new exhibitors added to our display items.


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