Deloraine & Area Donor's Choice 2018 campaign

Deloraine & Area Donor’s Choice held its Annual General Meeting on Monday, November 19 at the Prairie Skills Building. There was an exceptional turnout of representatives for the meeting.

 Angi Day, Chair opened the meeting, welcomed everyone and asked Jamie Roberts (secretary) for the minutes of the June 4 meeting.

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 Following the minutes, Angi asked each charity for a brief report. At the end of each report is listed the amount each charity received in the 2018 campaign

• Bren-Del-Win Centennial Library – represented by Kirsty Mann. She reported their funds are used to purchase new books and update technology. There is also a branch in Waskada - $3565

• Deloraine Health Auxiliary – represented by Verna Vanhove. She reported the Donor’s Choice funds really helps their cause. Their organization purchases many things – more and more all the time, as cuts in healthcare continue to be cut. Right now one of the major programs they fund is the transportation fund. Another recent purchase was the security fence at the PCH which was a very welcome addition  -$4157

• Prairie Skills Inc –  represented by Tracey Raikes. She reported the funds will be going to address new windows upstairs. They need a lot of repair, to the tune of $16,000. The Nightmare Factory (Haunted House – located in the upstairs of Prairie Skills) brought in over $3,000 towards that goal - $1944

• Southwest Manitoba Regional Foundation – represented by Donna Todd. She said they really appreciate the canvassers and that the foundation is progressing well. They have received two large donations in the past few years – one is earmarked for the hospital and the other one is for music programs - $2289

• Turtle Mountain Bible Camp – represented by Daniel and Chelsi Zylstra (in place of Howard and Kathy Weir). They report the new hall is at a standstill until more funds are raised – and $540,000 is still needed to be operational. The goal is to have the hall open for the summer. There are other fundraisers ongoing – upcoming gala in Brandon - $1873

• Wee ‘R’ Special Daycare – represented by Tonya Vanmackelberg. She reported the daycare has 20 spots for children – four infants and 16 older. They undertake all kinds of fundraisers all year long, including selling dainty trays for Christmas, Mom’s Pantry, working the theatre every Friday and Saturday and more. Their current big project is planning a new outdoor yard space. ($3063)

• Deloraine Border Festival – represented by Judy Cassils. She reported the Donor’s Choice fund is greatly appreciated and helpful to the festival. Adjudicators fees, for instance are $250 per day plus food/lodging and travel expenses. They also must pay fees to the Manitoba Association of Festivals and pay for the venues used during festival, to name a few of its expenses. ($2305)

• Canadian Red Cross Society – Manitoba West Region – represented by Deloraine Curling Club (Dianne Kirkwood) - $2430

• Child & Family Services of Western Manitoba Foundation Inc. – represented by Steven Warner who was not in attendance) - $1890

• Alzheimer Society of Manitoba – Westman Region – represented by Whitney Strachan and local rep Brenda Adams) – Whitney reported the funds go towards program and services, one-one-one counselling, family counselling, connecting people to programs, travel to communities, public education presentations to explain what Alzheimers actually looks like and how it affects families. There are eight support groups in Westman. The funds also go towards innovative programming – such as Minds in Motion which is a special research project - $1325

• Child & Family Services of Western Manitoba Foundation Inc.  – is a mandated protection service. The funds go towards family strengthening programs and other family supports - $1890

• Canadian Cancer Society – represented by Ladies 2000 Club (Jennifer McMechan) – reported the funds go to research and to educational programs. Much of the rural money goes towards transportation – Wheel of Hope program - $2855

• Canadian Diabetes Association, Westman Branch – (Stu Clelland rep) – funding goes towards research, education and support for individuals and families  - $4582

• Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children – (represented by Herb & Lynn Richard )-  Lynn reported the funds go toward financial assistance to families whose children have speech and hearing problems – for hearing aids which can cost between $1500-$5000. Without the hearing aids, these children will not advance in school. There are also stuttering clinics offered -$3354

• Heart & Stroke Foundation of Manitoba – (no rep in attendance) - $1621

• Manitoba Lung Association (no rep in attendance) - $3491

• Multiple Sclerosis Society of Manitoba – (represented by Amanda Novak and local rep Arlett Weidenhamer) Amanda reported the funds goes towards – 60% research and 40% programs and services as well as education for awareness. We reach out to the rural area and have a Knowledge Network open to everyone where professional are available to help. They also act as advocacy with the government. There have been a few breakthroughs with medications because of research. She reported the use of medical marijuana is very beneficial for pain management. There are six support groups in the Brandon. MS Talk offers all kinds of tips and support  - $2489

• The ALS Society of Manitoba – (local rep Debbie Sambrook – no report) - $2039

• The Arthritis Society – (local rep John Preston) – He reported some of the programs/events offered: Walk For Arthritis, Family Day, Faces of Childhood Arthritis, online programs – such as Managing Chronic Pain, Symptom checkers, etc. . .go to website - $1626

• The Canadian National Institute For The Blind – (represented by Stu Maden.) He reports they are doing a good job counselling and introducing people to new equipment available which gives them freedom. He said technology has changed things a lot – for instance if he wanted to read, carrying around a braille book was very prohibitive, but now with the I-pods and such, it is much easier. The CNIB helps counsels those that are nearly blind to function. One of its fundraisers is the Christmas Wrap in the Brandon Mall which raised $9,000 last year -  $2043

• The Kidney Foundation of Canada – Westman Chapter - $1946.

   The total amount for the Deloraine & Area Donor’s Choice campaign was $50,887.00 which is up $440 from the 2017 campaign.

  Debbie Norton gave her notice as representative for CFS, a position she has filled for many years. Angi thanked Debbie for her years of volunteering.

  Executive includes: Chair – Stu Clelland; Vice Chair – not filled; Secretary -Jamie Roberts; Treasurer – Alexis Billeck; Public Relations/Publicity – Lynn Olson and Canvass Coordinator – John Preston.

  The next meeting will. Be march 4, 2019.

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