Debbie Adams acclaimed for council

Debbie Adams acclaimed for council

By Judy Wells

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Note: Debbie Adams took out papers to run for councillor in the Municipality of Deloraine and she was acclaimed in Ward 1. The following are her answers to the interview questions given to each candidate – acclaimed or not.

Question: What prompted you to run for council:

Answer: I was prompted to run for Council because the Deloraine area has been home to me, my entire life, I have a vested interest in wanting our community to prosper. We need people to step forward to take on these roles and I felt the time was right for me. As well I was very interested in the Lake Metigoshe area, I spent many years there as well and wanted to represent that area, in Ward 1.

Question: What qualities and experience do you have that would be beneficial for this role?

Answer: The qualities and experience that I can bring to the role is having 31 years working for the Municipality, 12 of those years I worked in the capacity of Chief Administrative Officer and Assistant C.A.O. Working with Council over the years, I have an understanding of the kinds of decisions and duties that they are responsible for. I have worked with many boards over the years and enjoy working with people and making decisions to help make this a great community to call home.

Question: What do you think the top five challenges are in the municipality?

Answer: The top five challenges of the community I feel are having the economic resources to fund our infrastructure. It is difficult with the current tax base to keep roads, bridges, water & sewer, community buildings etc properly funded.

-Providing the necessary elements in our community to maintain and attract new people. If we want our municipality to be classified as home we need to be able to offer the necessary vital components to attract new people, such as small business and large industry.

- The Municipal staff is a key component of our community, we must have good communication and provide a good working environment in-order to keep them providing the necessary services.

-In small communities having volunteers is vital for our service groups and organizations, we need to continue working on keeping them going.                                                                                                                         

Question: What changes/improvements would you like to see?

Answer: One major change I would like to work towards is getting our municipality into having projects funded solely or partially by investors and receiving a return for their investment. There are a number of communities that have both large and smaller projects funded this way. This is not only a good thing for the municipality but also for the investor because it is a great way of really getting involved in your community and accomplishing projects.

What is the community’s greatest resource(s)?

Answer: When talking about community resources a couple of things come to mind. Having Lake Metigoshe in our community is a great resource, it provides a wonderful place to do year- round recreation and it provides a large tax base. What it probably is lacking is places for people to come and stay short-term, to come and be able to appreciate what is has to offer. Also having our hospital, cancer care and doctors. This is very vital in a community, and in the past, we made an investment in attracting a Doctor and I believe this was a major reason why in the last few years that we were able to keep our emergency services and didn’t have to close. We also made the commitment to provide some medical housing which also helped to have doctors come here and keep our hospital open and functioning.

Question: What does the Rural Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester look like in 20 years?

Answer: What is our community going to look like in 20 years, well I look forward to seeing that. We just need to continue working on both short- and long-term goals for the betterment of our community.


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