Crop fundraiser success

This year marks the second crop fundraiser for the Deloraine-Winchester Community Complex. The quarter of wheat southeast of town was harvested on Wednesday, August 15. The harvest crew is pictured (left to right): Duane Edwards (manager), Wade Goethals, Bev Goethals, Blair Goethals, Lorraine and Ken Slimmon, Jack Vanhove, Danny Wells, Russ McMechan, Dale  and Pam Goethals, Wayne Innes, Scott Pierce and Brittany Phillips (Crop Production Services). In speaking with Duane Edwards (project manager) he said the wheat graded #1 and the protein was over 15 and it will be worth approximately $55,000. The yield was approximately 62/bushels/acre. All in all, a great success! The second quarter (in the crop fundraiser) is beans, which will be harvested at a later date. Stay tuned.PHOTO/JENNIFER E. McMECHAN

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