Corner Pocket staff enjoy Christmas party

It's a very rare occasion when the Corner Pocket staff can get together, so December 17 was a special night. We met in Souris at the Pizza Deli and enjoyed pizza and goodies. We work both as individual weekly newspapers and as a team. We usually have daily communication, especially in the few days prior to deadline. The Melita New Era, Reston Recorder, Souris Plaindealer and Deloraine Times make up Corner Pocket Publishing which, in turn is part of the Prairie Newspaper Group - which belongs to Glacier Media, based in Vancouver. We are happy to report we are still alive and kicking, which is a struggle in the social media age. We have to be creative and resourceful to keep our small town newspapers thriving - and to this end we are very grateful to all the advertisers that make this possible. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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