Community more important than ever

Community more important now than ever

  You may be sick of hearing the word “unprecedented.” You may be discouraged as you watch the number of COVID-19 cases rise each day. You may be uneasy, stuck in your house with life as you know it disrupted. All these things can put us on edge, causing anxiety and a feeling of helplessness.

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  But you are not helpless. Each one of us can lend a hand to one another. Ask your neighbours how they’re doing. Call your family and friends. Listen to the advice of public health experts.

  Being a part of a community means giving and receiving help, and we are all part of a community, which is clearer than ever during a time like this. 

  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) wants to remind you that communities lift each other up. They support each other. They may not always agree, but they put differences aside and work together. They keep in mind the needs of the other, the ones whose names they don’t even know. And they ensure they’re doing their part to make sure others can be safe and healthy as well.

  Being a part of a community means making ethical choices. It means empathizing with the worn-out grocery clerk, being kind to the health-care workers, and putting the good of the community ahead of the good of the individual.

There are some, however, who are trying to take advantage of this pandemic. These are a select number of individuals who are prioritizing their own desires. Several new scams have been reported since COVID-19 appeared in Canada, looking to victimize people who are already scared.

  One such scam uses email to advise people they’ve been exposed to the virus. Scammers proceed to ask for payment for medication. Manitoba Health would never ask for financial information in an email or over the phone.

To stay up to date on current scams targeting your area, you can visit the BBB’s ScamTracker online at

  Also, remember to check out resources put out by the province’s top health officials, as they continue to dispel myths surrounding the novel coronavirus. Follow their advice against panic-shopping and don’t let your fear cause you to overpay for something you don’t need.

  “We just hope everyone stays healthy and safe during this time as we work to lift each other up in the face of difficulty,” said Len Andrusiak, president and CEO of the BBB serving Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.

Visit the, the new province-wide online volunteer co-ordination website delivered by the Province of Manitoba and North Forge Technology Exchange.


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