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Note: I asked the same questions of all the candidates and the articles will probably be published sporadically. It would be ideal to have them all together, however time and space constraints may not allow it.

Q: What prompted you to run for council?

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A: I love this town and it is a good way of giving back to the town.

Q: What qualities and experience do you have that would be beneficial for this role?

A: I love volunteering. I am chair of the Deloraine 2000 Men’s Club, sit on the Donor’s Choice, on the Access 12 board, etc. I also have organized the Congregate Meals fundraiser.

Q: What do you think the top five challenges are in the municipality:


  1. Keeping taxes in line
  2. Whitewater Lake
  3. Healthcare
  4. Get more housing for new citizens re: lots
  5. Too many empty buildings – for example TD Bank, gas station, Bargain Shop, etc.

Q: What changes/improvements would you like to see?

A: Sidewalks, try to get empty buildings occupied if that is possible.

Q: What  is the community’s greatest resources(s)? How can we capitalize more on them?

A: We have the best streets — best town workers. Also, the people and sports — great arena, pool and up-to-date ball diamonds. Also, the complex will be a great asset – it got people involved and interested.

Q: What does the Rural Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester look like in 20 years?

A: It will still be a thriving community because the citizens are great.

Q: Anything else you wish to add?

A: I will be keeping an open mind towards all requests and complaints. I will be available to answer all questions or concerns if I am able to. This is my first attempt at politics and I will do my best.

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