Clelland loves to volunteer

Clelland loves to volunteer

By Judy Wells

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Volunteering is second nature to Stuart Clelland (Stu). He never has to think about it when asked to help out — if it is something he can do, he happily answers “yes I can do that”. Stu was the night auditor at Trails West Inn in Brandon. Upon retirement, 11years ago, he returned to Deloraine, his home town.

  Stu says the three main reasons he volunteers are “giving back to the community, keeps me active and helps people out.” In Brandon, Stu enjoyed being a member of the Lions Club, taking a turn at all the executive positions. He also helped out at the Hillcrest Personal Care Home.

  The list is long of Stu’s volunteering since returning to Deloraine. It includes helping with the bingo at the Lodge, is part of a volunteer group that assists the PCH activity director in taking residents out for walks, Chair of Deloraine and Area Donor’s Choice, Chair of the 2000 Men’s Club, President of the Centennial Apartments Tenant’s Association, President of Congregate Meal Board – phones volunteers for the schedule and helps serve once a month, Councilor with the Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester, works Meals-On-Wheels, helps work the Thursday night movies, participates in the Terry Fox Walk/Run, is a member of the Deloraine Legion and he takes part in both the Legion and school Remembrance Day programs. Speaking of walking, Stu walks pretty much every day which keeps him healthy and sets a good example for others.

  When not helping in the community, Stu enjoys three casual jobs, including working at the Deloraine Legion, bartending at the Deloraine Curling Club and working at Olson’s. Wherever you find him, Stu has a friendly smile and you will probably hear his infectious laugh as well.

  He encourages people through example and leadership roles and about volunteering he says “everybody should do it – get out there in the community, don’t be a couch potato. It is good to help people less fortunate than yourself. Everybody can do it,” he concluded.

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