Chamber reviews by-laws

Deloraine and District Chamber of Commerce held a regular meeting on June 5, 2019 at the Council Chambers. Fifteen members enjoyed luncheon choices from the Velvet Antler (Turtle Mountain Resort).

  The minutes from the May meeting were distributed, reviewed and accepted.

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  Jaydra Gervais, chair invited nominations for the Secretary position. There were none at this time.

Old Business:

  Jaydra, Judy Wells and Diane Hart met to review the by-laws and renewed them for our current purposes. Jaydra gave the highlights. For example, at one time the treasurer position was a paid position – this is no longer the case. There are no paid positions. As well, the committees/events were updated. As far as sponsorship: Festival (Rose Bowl), Santa Day (assist in paying for the free movie/Santa), Custom Appreciation, provide $500 bursary for a graduate going into a Trade.  As far as signing cheques, it used to be stipulated that cheques required three signing officers – this has been changed to any two of the three names selected.

Membership: It is fairly late this year to do a membership drive, but a committee will be formed to get this ready to go for late fall- early spring 2020.


Turtle Mountain Resort (Carol Light)– Carol reported the resort is open and staff have been hired. Starting to get busy.

Deloraine 2000 Club – (Stu Clelland) – Stu reported the club is sponsoring a graduate bursary to a student who works for a year before attending secondary schools

Simplicity Clothing & Accessories – (Debbie Sambrook) – Debbie reported the shop will be putting on a Fashion Show for the fair and that models are needed. Please contact Debbie if you are interested.

Station X (Holly Smith)– Holly reported the Station X will be opening June 14-15 weekend. Angela Lay will be relocating “The Market” to Station X location. Angela will also be offering Card Readings on Wednesdays. For those wishing to take part in the Escape Rooms it will be $20/player. The Grade 11 class has been assisting in making some of the rooms.

Eco-Tourism (Jenn McMechan)– Jenn gave a rundown of current and upcoming activities in the area.

  • The Tourism Westman Tribute to Tourism Gala was held on June 5 at the Prairie Fire House in Branon. “The Nightmare Factory” got the nod as a nominee in the Event of the Year category.

  • Town Wide Yard Sales will be held Saturday, June 15

  • Farmer’s Market – will run from July 5 to September 6 and the time will be altered slightly – to start at 11:00, most lunches will be offered from 11:00 – 1:30. It is hoped these new times will better accommodate the working people — allowing them more time to be able to shop and have lunch at the park. The Curling Club is going to continue to sell coffee and muffins. Jenn says there are a few returning booths and some new ones.

  • Abbey Franklin has been hired as the Youth Leader for the community – assisting with Farmer’s Market, Day Camps, etc

  • Pool – is being filled, repair work done, painted

  • Writing applications for grants for recreation activities and digital signs

  • Recotourism fundraiser – “Chuck A Duck” – people purchase a rubber duck for $5.00 and then catapult it. There will be heats all day and four prizes. This will take place on Fair Day in the inside area of the track. Also hope to have carnival-type activities and prizes will be freezies, glow sticks and tattoos. Kids will have option to decorate their bikes for the parade.

  • Abi Wilkinson has been hired as the Youth Job Centre manager

Municipality of Deloraine-Winchester (Debbie Adams) —

  • Debbie reported the Municipality has 2 youth employed for the summer.

  • Hosting the Municipal Western District meeting with the main topic being the health care transition

  • Lake Metigoshe Improvement Association meeting on June 9

  • Tax notices were sent out – the Water Plant and Hall did not hit taxes this year, could not get final completion. There will be a chance to prepay for a considerable savings. Information will be provided prior to the taxes coming out next year.

  • An independent party has been hired to deal with unsightly properties and animal issues

Deloraine School (Tony Franklin)

  • Staff is down ½ teacher due to enrolment. This is hopefully short-lived as the class sizes after this year’s grad class increase to normal

  • Two teachers are retiring – Joann Biehl and Jo Ann Bolduc

  • A music teacher has been hired – half time – full days every other day and she will sub the other days where needed

  • Wood Shop – they are selling sawdust – 30 lb/$15. Hoping to have night classes for adults

 • Career Development Internship – this program provides businesses with what is basically free labour, student learns the business: 110 hours for one credit or 55 hours for ½ credit. Businesses must be a member of the Deloraine & District Chamber of Commerce to be eligible to participate

  • Tony explained about a recent inspection from the school’s insurance carrier – Risk & Safety Officer. It seems there may be some changes as far as free access to the school. Currently groups and individuals use the school in the evenings for meetings, working out in the fitness room, gym space for sports, etc. on their own. Going forward there will have to be the custodian or a school employee in the school, and the space will no longer be free of charge. It will hopefully be a nominal fee, for example $18-$20/hour. Tony says there are some gray areas, such as if a staff member is part of the user group. There is still lots to figure out. Also, during the day the school will be a hold and secure facility. A camera/buzzer system will be utilized whereby Tony will be able to see who is at the door and school secretary will buzz them in.

Nestibo Agra (Jaydra Gervais)— reported they are still working through the transition of ownership

Deloraine Times & Star (Judy Wells)— reported the on-line subscriptions have started (over 25 subs)

  The next meeting will be Wednesday, July 3 at The Rendezvous.


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