Not So Very Long Ago

 Threshing gangs are now at work.  .  .The Roman Catholic Church on Mountain Street opens next Sunday.
 Four-button kid gloves in black and colours are 50¢ a pair.  .  .Hay in the Chilliwack Valley of British Columbia is uncut. There are so many mosquitoes that men will not go into the fields to do the work.
 Wild geese and turkey's are back.  .  .The Hartney Star  is to be enlarged.
 The Dominion elevator at Whitewater is taken down and shipped to Swift Current.
 There were 28,082 automobiles and 985 motorcycles in Manitoba this summer.  .  .Mountainside now has a store as well as a post office.
 Alidor Andries' productive orchard is proof that fruit can be successfully grown here.  . .The US customs office at Lake Metigoshe closes next week.
 Ruth Isabel Nash of Deloraine and Bernhard Fast of Mountainside win University of Manitoba scholarships.  .  .Burr's Freight Service to Brandon will run on Fridays only for the winter months.
 Bad weather is holding up harvest operations.  .  .Harry Gall is appointed dealer for Mercury and Lincoln cars.  . .Football needs a new trophy and competition similar to hockey.
 Ken Corbett is proud of the record his trotting horse, Black Raven, is making in Eastern Canada.  .  .Deloraine has one of the few hospitals in the province that takes routine chest x-rays.  .  .William Kirkland celebrates his 100th birthday.
 The polio rate in Manitoba shows a decline.
 The Old Age Security Pension rises in January to $109.20 per month.  .  .Jim Morrison finds a 'puff ball' weighing 14 1/2 lbs and 21 inches in circumference.
 Kimberley Clark is buying baled flax straw.  .  .Deloraine Ceramics Club reorganizes.  .  .Lauder United Church celebrates its 70th anniversary.
 Antler River School Division plans to start a nine year French program in its schools next year.  .  .Deloraine's Handi-Van arrives.  .  .Napinka becomes a movie set.  .  .Secretary treasurer of Winchester, Ian Morton, resigns.
 Construction crews work on the Centennial Apartments expansion. They expect to be ready for rafters next week.  .  .Despite liberal doses of gopher cop, southwest badgers seem to be making a comeback.
 Ryan Caldwell was featured after signing a two year contract with the New York Islanders.

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